Mission-Critical Communications

The Power of Interoperability
The first generation of Quintron’s DICES system was initially deployed in support of the MX/Peacekeeper Missile and West Coast Space Shuttle programs. This equipment was later assigned in support of the Titan IV program for over twenty years. The second and third generation of DICES provided major improvements through the 1990s, including LCD user displays, redundant central equipment archi­tecture, and Windows-based system administration. The fourth generation DICES system included further enhancements and features with fully-distributed processor control, user log-in and interface configuration and system segmentation for multiple operations support. This design was further enhanced for VoIP operation to support mobile tactical applications, where size, weight, and larger scale, lower cost deployments are primary concerns.

In the post 9/11 world, interoperable communications are critical to the safety and security of people and facilities, as well as for government and business continuity. First responders to local, regional, and national incidents require a fault tolerant, interoperable communications platform at the core of their mission. The DICES systems were designed, developed, and delivered specifically to support this essential requirement.

Quintron’s digital DICES IV and DICES VoIP mission critical voice systems provide connectivity and interoperable communications in a point-to-point secure audio link, or on a multi-point conference basis with unlimited participants, or with connections to other types of disparate voice systems. Telephone-to-telephone, telephone-to-radio, radio-to-radio, encrypted circuits, or cellular service can all be interconnected to respond to critical incidents regardless of the type of technology or brand. In the field of interoperable communications platforms—Quintron is the industry leader.